Meet the wild bunch who made this happen

Sorry, we had to get them from outer space. But this is the crew who turn surplus food into cosmic drinks.​

Welcoming the BBB crew.

  • Benn - director of sales

    In the food and drinks industry, Benn's diverse background encompasses Michelin starred kitchens and experience with retailers, fostering a passion for innovative product development. His pivotal role at BBB involves driving continuous success, growth, and exposure, all while championing the use of business as a force for good through initiatives like the Pasta Beer range, which addresses food waste and promotes industry innovation.

  • Freddie - Head of Brand

    With a scientific background, Freddie's attention to detail thrives in brewing's complexity and experimentation. Leading brand development and environmental standards, he champions sustainability and innovation, aiming to inspire positive change in the food and drink industry while honouring beer's rich history and traditions.

  • Christian - Head of Innovation

    Christian's lifelong passion for beer has taken him to six continents in search of the finest craft breweries. With a strong brewing background rooted in his university days, he's the driving force behind our innovative beer styles. Collaborating with local communities and food producers, Christian aims to combat food waste while creating beers for all to savour.

  • Maddy - Art and Design

    Maddy, a music producer and performer, pushes all our brand design efforts, prioritising collaboration and authenticity. Proficient in digital art software, she transforms ideas into reality while promoting sustainability in merchandise and packaging. Maddy fosters diverse teamwork, believing it sparks the best creative ideas.

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